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A Responsible Approach To Child Custody

Skilled Representation For Parents In Custody Disputes

Of all the issues that might come up in a divorce, the most hotly contested one is often child custody. Contested custody cases can be extremely emotional affairs, with each parent desperate to show that he or she deserves primary custody — and that the other parent does not. Even when custody is split relatively evenly, there can still be disagreements over final decision-making and the particulars of a parenting plan.

The lawyers at Peter Morris Law understand how important child custody is to their clients. They know that while many other negotiations in a divorce come down to dollars and cents, child custody has a much higher value — one that transcends financial considerations. They can provide a voice of calm for their clients in a storm of threats and ultimatums, keeping focused on the goals at hand.

Attorneys Who Put Your Family’s Interests First

That being said, aspects of child custody also have financial implications that can span years and even decades until the child reaches the age of majority or is emancipated as dictated by the agreement of the parties or the court’s decision.

The attorneys at Peter Morris Law are equipped to guide their clients through all aspects of the custody process including the possibility of using a forensic evaluation, an attorney for the child or children and other experts.

Aspects of child custody, such as issues surrounding visitation, are not often easily resolved. Matters of parental rights can be thorny ones and can lead to a drawn-out case. The skilled litigators at Peter Morris Law can shepherd your child custody case through any courtroom battle, keeping the best interests of your children at the heart of all they do.

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