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Decide If A Separation Agreement Makes Sense

Make Sure You Understand Your Options

Many people are not familiar with family law statutes until they are involved themselves in a divorce or custody case. As a result, people who are not able to anticipate the potential ramifications of their actions may find themselves headed down a path in their divorce that they will eventually regret.

Working with [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″] from the beginning can help to avoid many of these issues. Among them is something that people might assume is a requirement of a divorce: a legal separation. New York laws regarding no-fault divorce have evolved in recent years, and so a separation agreement is rarely a viable option today.

Consult With An Experienced Divorce Lawyer

The state of New York was one of the last in the union to permit no-fault divorce. In many other states, there is no other option aside from no-fault divorce, but New York was a holdout. As a result, people entered into separation agreements, many of which were ultimately “converted” to a divorce. These so-called conversion divorces often took a long time to complete.

One drawback of a separation agreement is that it gives the opposing side a chance to regroup and develop a strategy to seek more favorable terms.

Few people these days are likely to want to file for legal separation. In most cases, it is better to hit the ground running by consulting with a divorce attorney, who can advise you of the pitfalls of a legal separation.

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